• Input: 110-120V AC / 220- 240VAC  ~ 60/50Hz
  • Output voltage Power supply: 1 - 26V 
  • Balancer socket:  2...6S LiPo/LiIo/LiFe   
  • Max. balancing current: 200mA 
  • Continuous output current: 15A 
  • All-up weight, approx. 1620g 
  • Charge facility : 2...6S Li-Po/Li-Ion/Li-Fe, 2-12V Pb , 2-16 cells Ni-MH/Cd
  • Charge current: 0 - 15A             
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) 192 x 255 x 85mm   


  • This item is like 2 devices (a 1-26V/15A/390W Power Supply &
  • an AC 450W Fast Charger) combined in one device. 
  • People can use this item as a Power Supply like those people who are
  • already buying our Power Supplies, otherwise, the user can also use this new
  • item as an AC 450W Fast Charger for charging Lithium, NiCD/NiMh, Pb Batteries
  • One of the very good things about this item is that to buy a 1-26V/15A/
  • 390W Power Supply will already cost some money which means now
  • you are only paying a little bit more to get an AC 450W Fast Multi-Charger!
  • We are using the concept “Less is More” to develop this item, instead of 
  • having a lot of complicated functions (which makes the user very confused) and
  • unnecessary functions (which the user will never use), we make our item very easy for everyone to use.      

Power unit output (Output 1 & Output 2):      

  • Variable output voltage 1 - 26 V DC
  • Variable current limiting 0 - about 15 A
  • Display with blue backlighting to display voltage and current status
  • Particularly well suited for supplying chargers and DC mini-drills 
  • Both outputs 1 & 2 can be used simultaneously when using as a Power Supply

Charging output (Output 1) :

  • For quick charging of 2 - 6 cells Li-Po/Li-Ion/ LiFe, 2-12V Pb, 2-16 cells NiMh/NiCd batteries 
  • with a charging current of 0 - 15A.
  • Balancer current about 200mA.
  • Charge and balance the Battery pack automatically without selecting/ adjusting the output current
  • Power unit output or Charging output simultaneous operation not possible.
  • Two set of charging leads & the three balancer adapter boards (PQ, JST/XH, TP/FP) are included
  • When using as a Charger for charging 2-6S Li-Po/Li-Ion/Li-Fe, 2-16S NiMh/NiCD, 2/4/6/8/10/12V PB batteries, please ONLY use output 1  

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1-26V, 15Amp, Dual Output Power Supply & ALL-IN-ONE Super Fast Charger (450W MAX.)

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